First and foremost, we are job creators. We want to create jobs for Americans, especially for our next generation of youth. Our heart is to help mold them into leaders by training them and certifying them in the trades and challenge them in character building as well as making sure they and all our staff have an eye for detail through an apprenticeship program. In other words, getting them to understand the importance of valuing you the client and your home and business in every way possible. With this we have the skills and understanding of preventative maintenance to keep your home and business looking, pretty, in simple terms. There is no job too small. Most contractors are too big and too busy to fix a small crack in your kitchen tile or else they would have to charge an arm and leg. The Handy man will take care of that need but still charge a fee to come out every time for a small repair thus discouraging you to have him fix all the small things. We won’t over charge you if you just want a piece of furniture moved, to come out and unclog your sink if it backs up, repair your dishwasher if it stops working or change the air filters in you’re a/c to keep them cooling and heating at full capacity.
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