Flexible & Dependable Service     
 We offer flexible service on requests for small work orders like fixing a garbage disposal to moving a piece of furniture into the other room. No job to small. Our system will have a service tech. arrive for a request with a quick response. In addition, a regular monthly property inspection for prevention maintenance will occur with a guarantee that a tech. will show up and meet some needs you might have at that time. You will have an on call service tech. 24/7 without a service fee every time a request is made. With a low monthly fee, we offer you a helpful way to keep your property in tip top shape all year long any time and any season.
Our Guarantee
 We guarantee a tech. to come routinely at least once a month for preventative maintenance  checkups like, changing filters in heating & air conditioning systems, leaks during rainy season, leaking plumbing in kitchens & baths, to prevent possible mold in its early stages, interior & exterior lights, cleaning dryer lint from interior of unit ducts, investigating cracks & windows, walls, & doorjambs for early signs of potential foundation damage, etc.. & more.
A few added details:
  • We have over 20 years of construction/maintenance experience 
  • Our knowledge and experience, with many years in all trades, are with great honor and pride
  • We have qualifications being a license contracted company with certifications in home inspection and eductaion in Construction law
  • We cover South East of Ventura with LA and Orange county
  • We make the greatest effort to have policies and procedures set in place to protect your interests and property
  • If you ask yourself what sets us apart from any other company, it would not just be the understanding of the trades, but more of a heart that wants to make you as happy as possible with our service and friendship 
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Listed below are only a few of the many services we offer:
  1. Decorating
    With over a decade of remodels under our belt, we have Sr. consultants ready to assist you in changes you may desire for your property inside and out
  2. Plumbing
    Replacement of all types of shut off valves " " of any broken drain lines and or drainage " " water filtration systems, supply lines " " sprinklers Repair of broken water lines
  3. Electrician
    Change out of broken switches, plugs, switch plates Replacement of faulty GFCI plugs " "of burned out lights and ballasts " " of light fixtures " " of landscape lighting
  4. Plastering
    Repairs of broken and or damaged stucco Filling in of concrete areas cracked in sidewalks, patios and driveways
  5. Tiling
    Repairs of broken and or missing kitchen and bath. counter tile " " of interior floor tile " " exterior patio and walkway tile
  6. Miscellaneous
    Home Inspection Carpentry HVAC preventative maintenance And so much more.......